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PREM YOUTH FOUNDATION was established in the year 1999 with the objective of providing rural youth avenues to take part in the process of NATION BUILDING as well providing opportunities for the development of their personality and skills.

PREM YOUTH FOUNDATION is registered under India Trust Act 1882 Registration No.-10706 Dated-17.06.1999. In the year 1999-2000, PREM YOUTH FOUNDATION (PYF) was set up as an autonomous organization under the Government of India, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, to oversee working of these Kendras. PYF is the largest grassroots level youth organization; one of its kind in the world. It channelizes the power of youth on the principles of voluntarism, self-help and community participation.

Over the years, PREM YOUTH FOUNDATION has established a network of youth clubs in villages, where PREM YOUTH FOUNDATION have been set up. PYF has targeted to identify areas of harnessing youth power for development by forming Youth Clubs, which are village level voluntary action groups of youth at the grassroots level to involve them in nation building activities. The core strength of PYF lies in its network of youth clubs. Youth Clubs are village based organizations working for community development and youth empowerment.


  • To unite and empower young people both socially and economically.
  • To involve the rural youth in nation building activities.
  • To develop such skills and values in them with which they become responsible and productive citizens of a modern, secular and technological nation.
  • Promoting Democracy and Good Governance by stimulating young people engagement in decision making on issues that affect them.
  • To foster and develop increased learning and development opportunities for young people by encouraging and supporting them to contribute, steer initiatives and lead their own youth-led projects.
  • To support youth undertake their own development.
  • To advocate for a society whereby children and youth with disabilities have equal rights and opportunities for growth and development.
  • Improved access to education and psycho-social well being of marginalized children and youth
  • PREM YOUTH FOUNDATION has been working in various fronts of youth development with a variety of youth programmes of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and certain special programmes in coordination and cooperation of other ministries. Main focus has been on developing values of good citizenship, thinking and behaving in secular ways, skill development and helping youth to adopt a productive and organized behavior.


  • 1200sq. ft. Regd. Office space in centrally located place AT- KUMAR BHAWAN Govindpur, Baikathpur, Patna-803202 (BIHAR)
  • Computer systems under supervision and control of computer & IT Experts.
  • Digital as well as Manual Library, Containing 155 books and CD ROM.
  • Collection of Resource Papers, Research Report, Statistical and Survey Findings etc. on various issues.
  • Network with other some NGOs and specialized agencies.


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  • We are building a scalable evidence-base of innovation and best practices that is vital in helping NGOs shape a sustainable future for each other and for those we work with.

Meet our Team

Here, our team members with whom we have successfully proceeded 36 years of Serve towards needy.

Prem Kumar

Founder & CEO

Devanand Kumar

Director General

Rajiv Kumar

State director


Program Officer

Abhishek Kumar

Program Officer

Dilip Kumar

Chief Valenties


Program Officer

Rahul Kumar

Program Officer


Program Officer

Mritunjay Kumar

Office assistant

Project Manager